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Colloque soutenu par ECCOREV : International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences FIRST OPEN SCIENCE CONFERENCE 1-5 October 2012, Presqu’île de Giens, Côte d’Azur

lundi 19 mars 2012, par Joëlle Cavalieri

The first Open Science Conference of the International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS) will be held from 1-5 October 2012 at the beautiful setting of the Belembra club, situated on the border of the Mediterranean Sea in one of the best spots of the French Côte d’Azur.

IPICS is an international programme under the umbrellas of IGBP/PAGES (Past Global Changes), SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research) and IACS (International Association of Cryospheric Sciences). Gathering 25 nations, it aims at coordinating international collaboration for ice core research of the next several decades.

The objective of the conference is to present, discuss and put in perspective the most recent results coming of past and current ice core drilling projects (deep drillings such as EPICA, WAIS, NEEM, TALDICE,… but also shallow drillings) in Antarctica and Greenland. Other ice core drilling projects conducted in non-polar glaciers or in other Arctic sites are also welcome.

This conference is made possible thanks to the financial support of :
 EPICA (Descartes Prize)
 SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research)
 LGGE (Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique de l’Environnement)
 LSCE (Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement)
 IPEV : (Institut Polaire français Paul-Emile Victor)
 IACS (International Association of Cryospheric Sciences)
 PICARRO (Instruments for Carbon and Water Cycle Measurements)
 EuroPICS (European Polar Board)
 IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le développement)
 Collège de France
  ECCOREV (Ecosystèmes Continentaux et Risques Environnementaux)
 Aix Marseille Université