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R Package : bioindic

vendredi 26 avril 2013, par Armand

Bioindic is a freeware software for R platform ( designed to perform statistical analyses of ecological and paleoclimatological indicators (pollen, diatoms, tree-rings, foraminifera ...). Most of the functions useful for dealing with fossil assemblages and tree-ring data (dendroclimatology) are implemented.

Main statistical analyses are transfer functions (analogues, PLS, neural network, ...), principal component analyses, time-series analyses, cluster and discriminant analyses, response functions (of tree-growth). Several of these analyses have build-in bootstrap assessment of uncertainties. The software has been developed by Joël Guiot and Yves Gally (CEREGE, CNRS).

To install it, download it on your local disk, and within R, click on "install from zip file" and then choose the file. For Windows, use the zip file and for Mac or Linux, use the tar.gz file.

When installed, you may use it by typing "load package" and "biomenu()" and selecting the wanted function.

The package is being validated and when done, it will be submitted to CRAN.

In case of problems, contact Joël GUIOT.

Current version :

PC, Linux or MAC versions (4.0.9) are available.
R2.x & R3.x versions : Download zip file.
Before installing R package, extract the downloaded file and choose R version of bioindic file.